Start Weight
95 kilos
Current Weight
69 kilos
Weight Lost
26 kilos
32 weeks

When I started Lite n’ Easy I was very hopeful that I would lose weight, but didn’t really have a goal as such. Thankfully I began to lose weight straight away and was happy to continue with the program.

The food is great – so easy, convenient and really tasty.

I am never hungry, and it is so easy to stick to. There is lots of variety in the food and the choices in the menu keep me interested.

After eight months on Lite n’ Easy, I lost 26 kilos! I was wearing a size 18 and sometimes size a 20, but now I am super excited to be wearing a size 10. My husband orders the dinners and he has lost 10 kilos too.

As the kilos dropped off, I began to feel so much better about myself.

Not only do I feel better about myself, but I get compliments everywhere I go. It is so lovely to pass by a mirror now and be happy with what I see.

I love Lite n’ Easy and totally recommend it to anyone wanting an easy way to lose weight.

Lite n’ Easy has helped me create a sustainable, lifestyle change – to not only lose the weight but keep it off.

*Individual results may vary