Start Weight
91 kilos
Current Weight
80 kilos
Weight Lost
11 kilos
6 months

I first used Lite n’ Easy after I got married 7 years ago. Before that I had been trying to lose weight for about two years without success, but with Lite n’ Easy I was able to lose 14 kilos!  I had so much more energy and confidence and I just felt better.

At the time I was working shifts and not cooking very often, so it made sense to order the full meal plan.

I never really thought of it as a diet – more as a way to help me eat more healthily and it worked!

Two years ago I became a mum for the first time and called on Lite n’ Easy again and it really helped me out with a convenient and healthy meal solution.

While my focus is not so much on weight loss, it’s been awesome that I am slowly dropping the excess baby weight.

This time around, 11 kilos are gone already and I can really feel the difference.

I recently went back to work, albeit working from home, and the Lite n’ Easy lunches have been great to have in the fridge to grab when I take a meal break. I order the 5 Day Meal Plan for myself and extra dinners for my husband, so we have more time together and more energy to spend running around after our now 2 year old.

I can see Lite n’ Easy in our lives for a long time to come.

*Individual results may vary