Lite n’ Easy isn’t about weight loss for me.

I started ordering after my mum passed away suddenly. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was gone within a month which left our lives in tatters. Mum was such a big part of our lives and we would speak a few times everyday. I work full time so she also helped me to juggle the kids after school commitments. My husband had taken a FIFO job just before we realised mum was sick which meant that he was away every week Monday – Friday.

I decided to order Lite n’ Easy for myself and the kids during the week.

The convenience of having healthy cooked meals helped us through our most devastating time. It was such an easy process to order online and have it delivered to our door.

The choice of meals was great, especially because both my kids are such fussy eaters. But letting them join me in the ordering process made them accountable for the meals they picked so they enjoyed eating them too.

Now almost a year later, time is a healer and as much as we have a long way to go, I will never forget how easy it was to have Lite n’ Easy take care of the food part of our lives back then.

These days its great to have the option to order Lite n’ Easy when our lives get busy or even just for my lunches at work rather than buying take out.

I used to spend most of my Sundays cooking but now with the time I save having Lite n’ Easy delivered, I would rather spend more time with the kids.

For me it is all about balance and Lite n’ Easy has been great for our family.

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