Start Weight
117 kilos
Current Weight
83 kilos
Weight Lost
34 kilos
18 months

I have type 2 Diabetes, diagnosed when I was 45 years old and controlled via prescribed medications, diet and exercise. I had 2 major car accidents when I was 46 and 48 years old. Since the car accidents my exercise abilities have steadily declined.

In 2017, after many neurological tests, MRI’s, etc. in consultation with my neurosurgeon I decided to have neck and spinal surgery.

My surgeon suggested it would be a good idea if I lost some weight as this would assist with recovery.

At the time I was 117 kilos, working long hours as a self-employed Financial Consultant and generally not feeling very comfortable with myself. I challenged my doctors if I was to lose weight wouuld they also reduce my many medications?

This is when my journey with Lite n’ Easy started.

I had seen TV ads and thought that I needed to change my lifestyle around food. I have a very busy lifestyle, father of 6 children with the 2 youngest still at home, so I needed something easy. It also needed to be healthy and fulfilling because I didn’t want to be starving all the time.

I started on the 1800 Calorie 5 Day Meal Plan with breakfast, lunch and dinner included. I like all types of cuisines so convenience and having variety is very important. Lite n’ Easy meets this need as well as being very cost effective. Given that I would need to buy lots of different ingredients to prepare a dish and there is often significant wastage of fresh ingredients, I find I am actually saving money. I am also spending far less on take out.

Sometimes I share my meals with my kids, and they love the taste.

My goal was to achieve my Year 12 high school weight of 87 kilos and waist size of 34cms. My current weight is 83 kilos, my waist is 33cm and I have maintained for over 18 months.  I still buy Lite n’ Easy 2 weeks out of every month.

My prescribed medications have reduced by 80% over this time.

I was thrilled when my specialist agreed that at my next review, if my tests come back the same or improve, he is prepared for me to cease all medications going forward.

Achieving a medication free status by the end of the year is an incredible result for me and proof that you don’t need to accept lethargy and poor health as an inevitable part of middle age.

I have not felt this good in years!

*Indivdual results may vary