John G

Start Weight
91 kilos (172cm)
Current Weight
79 kilos
Weight Lost
12 kilos
8 weeks

With my 50th birthday coming up, I wanted to get back into shape and feel good about myself.​ I had been on Lite n’ Easy around 17 years ago and had great success, even featuring in a TV commercial!

Over the years I managed to maintain my weight, but this year after two lots of spinal surgery I put some weight on and found I was unable to continue with work and exercise the way I used to. I needed help to lose the weight to ease my pain and help in my recovery.​

I choose Lite n’ Easy because I loved the food and know it always work.

I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed every meal. The lunch and dinner meals taste amazing and I was surprised to find all the new Fresh Chilled Dinner and Salad Combo options which have made the menu even better than before.

I ordered the 1500 Calorie 7 Day Meal Plan and I lost 12 kilos in 8 weeks. I am back working in my business which is very physically demanding and I feel great. I also love having more energy to spend free time at home with my wife and 4 kids!

I can’t thank Lite n’ Easy enough, knowing it always work. So delicious, so simple and yet so effective.​

*Individual results may vary