Start Weight
89 kilos
Current Weight
72 kilos
Weight Lost
17 kilos
8 months

Having struggled for 18 months to lose the 20 extra kilos that I gained during my first pregnancy, I decided I needed help following my second pregnancy. Being a mum, a small business owner, and having a husband that works long hospitality hours, I knew when the second baby came along that I would need help with simplifying my daily tasks and getting back to my goal weight.

I decided to try Lite n’ Easy because the meals have little to no preparation involved and there are meal plan options to suit any budget, which was critical to us being on one wage. Most importantly Lite n’ Easy meals are calorie controlled; unlike other meal plan services I had tried previously, which I knew was paramount with the amount of weight I had to lose.

The success I have had losing weight with Lite n’ Easy has changed my life.

Lite n’ Easy helped me to lose the 17 kilos in just 8 months this time, meaning that I am feeling fitter to keep up with my children, happier, and more confident in how I look. Now there is no stopping me and my next goal is pre-pregnancy weight, something that is very realistic thanks to Lite n’ Easy.

Not only has Lite n’ Easy helped me to feel self-assured and agile again, but it has also helped me to spend more time with my children and less time cooking. My toddler loves having the Easy Bites meals, which are so handy to have on those days where you could use some extra help, and so full of vegetables that there is zero guilt involved. Sunny often asks to have a “Mr. Curry”, the Easy Bites Butter Chicken, which is her favourite.

I can’t thank Lite n’ Easy enough for giving me a new lease on mum-life and giving me back some precious time with my little girls.

*Individual results may vary