NDIS customer

When I was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 14 years ago, I became very depressed and lost my way to the lure of bad eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle.

Before I started Lite n’ Easy I was making my own meals. Being on my own I tended to make quick easy meals, which were sometimes not very good for my weight. My hands don’t work properly due to my condition, so cutting and food preparation was also a problem. At my heaviest I was 112kg.

I started with Lite n’ Easy mid 2020 and I am still ordering every week because, to be honest, I LOVE the food!

My Lite n’ Easy meal delivery is 70% subsidised through my NDIS package, which really does help on a number of levels. Weight loss, better health, better mobility, better state of mind, less hospital visits, etc.

I am down to 90 kilos and still losing weight. My goal weight would ideally be about 70 kilos and I am finding this way of eating to be easy and delicious. Since I started losing weight and eating healthier with Lite n’ Easy, I feel so much better, not just on the outside but very much on the inside too!

I look and feel like a new person and go to the local pool most days and walk for an hour or so. I am proud to say that I am still walking (with a stick), not very well, but not in a wheelchair yet! I am determined to stay as active as I can. I recommend Lite n’ Easy to anyone that asks how I lost all my weight.

I really do feel better and it’s because of the food I eat.

*Individual results may vary