Kate A

Start Weight
69 kilos
Current Weight
58 kilos
Weight Lost
11 kilos
Still using for convenience

I wanted to lose a few kilos as I was feeling heavy and all my clothes were tight on me. I felt uncomfortable and wasn’t able to give my best in my job as a Paediatric Intensive Care Nurse, or training for Ironman.

I have been so thrilled with the results and am now down almost 11 kilos and it’s only been 6 months! I feel fantastic and my success has helped inspire 7 of my work colleagues to go onto the program too.

My training has improved more than I could have ever dreamed of. I’m smashing my PBs and my life has improved dramatically now that I feel fit, healthy and confident.

Lite n’ Easy is a part of my life now and I won’t ever go back to my old eating habits. To say I’m a happy customer would be an understatement because I’m absolutely thrilled!


I turned 50 last year and I am still pursuing a rigorous athletic agenda in combination with my work as a nurse in paediatric intensive care and starting a second degree Batchelor of Criminology.

Lite n’ Easy is a permanent part of my lifestyle and I comfortably maintain a 9-11 kilo weight loss for over 2 years. In the next couple of weeks, I have resumed my full schedule Ironman training program so the launch of Lite n’ Easy High Protein program is great timing. Nutrition and maintaining adequate levels of protein is essential to sustain the output required to balance, work, training and study.

Some of favourite Lite n’ Easy High Protein dinners are slow cooked beef, beef stroganoff, chargrilled chicken and potato bake.

The convenience of Lite n’ Easy plays a crucial role in supporting me on workdays in particular; up at 4.30am for a run and then a 12 hour shift nursing – having nutritious meal ready in minutes when I get home is perfect.

As a nurse you can see how life can take a turn for the worst unexpectedly, so I have the attitude to do everything I can to sustain a healthy, active life and pursue those things I love whilst I can. Lite n’ Easy is part of that for me.

*Individual results may vary