Start Weight
80 kilos
Current Weight
75 kilos
Weight Lost
5 kilos
12 weeks

At 80 kilos I was feeling very lethargic and tired all the time. None of my clothes fit and I had started to limit my social life, as I felt uncomfortable going out. My work colleague Leeanne was having success with Lite n’ Easy and encouraged me to try it as well.

Being a “flexitarian”, I loved all the Lite n’ Easy Vegetarian options.

Not only were they great on the calorie count, but meals were also packed with goodness, taste and a great alternative to the palate when trying to reduce my red meat consumption. Lite n’ Easy now has an extensive vegetarian range and I am busy working my way through the options.

I have lost 5 kilos so far. I still have a long way to go, but I am already feeling better.

After a break where I maintained the weight loss, I have recommenced my journey with Lite n’ Easy, coupled with a new exercise plan. I have re-focussed my efforts to achieve my goals with the constant support of my Lite n’ Easy “buddy” Leeanne.

I just love the convenience of it and it’s great value for money.

*Individual results may vary