After my husband’s death, I was not eating properly and during the grieving process my nourishment was very often, cheese and biscuits washed down with wine.​ I decided to use Lite n’ Easy to have a healthy diet and know that regardless of how I was feeling emotionally, I was eating well.

Weight loss is not my issue – just a good diet. I don’t even own a set of scales.​

I placed my first order in January this year for the full meal plan and wondered how I would eat it all! Over the past few weeks I had ordered just the Lite n’ Easy Lunches plus some of the smaller frozen meals and the soups to have at night.

Now, I’m ordering the Breakfast and Lunch for five days because the breakfast menu was too good to refuse.

When I place my order I take into account my plans for the week and order accordingly. The frozen meals are great because they don’t necessarily have to be eaten in the week of purchase and I love the fresh chilled salads too, just for something different.

Now I play golf at least once a week and do an exercise program twice a week as well. I go out to dinner at least once a week with friends and never refuse an invitation but am mindful of quantity and quality when I order and still enjoy a wine or two.

Having Lite n’ Easy home delivered has helped me to know my meals are organised each day and they’re healthy. The cost is reasonable and I see it as an investment in my future wellbeing.

Overall Lite n’ Easy helps me to be mindful that I am looking after myself.

*Individual results may vary