Start Weight
98 kilos
Current Weight
82 kilos
Weight Lost
16 kilos
12 months

I had been overweight for some years and tried various diets without long-term sustainability. I had also procrastinated a lot without changing diet or exercise levels. It was very frustrating and self-defeating.

Then a year ago I was having problems with pain and stiffness in my knees, finding it difficult to go up and down stairs, I was unable to walk even short distances. An MRI showed I had osteo-arthritis and I saw an orthopaedic surgeon who advised ‘if you lose at least 5 kgs then your knees will get down on their knees and thank you!’

I had just turned 70 and did not want to face growing older coupled with reduced mobility

Having worked in aged care for many years I have witnessed how this can severely affect one’s health and wellbeing.

I commenced on Lite n’ Easy’s 1500 7 Day Meal Plan and then changed to 1200 Calorie level, alternating my orders between the 5 and 7 Days Breakfast & Lunch Meal Plans then every few weeks I order Dinners, Soups and the smaller Bowl Meals.

I think the variety is good. I like the roast dinners, rogan josh, steak dinners. For breakfast I like the egg options and all the cereals.

Convenience wise, I live alone and work full-time so it’s been great to not have to think about what to have for breakfast or lunch and if tired at night I can enjoy one of the dinner options. The cost is good value and I have found that I no longer have the food wastage I did before I commenced on Lite n’ Easy.

I am now 16 kilos lighter with no knee pain and enjoying a more active lifestyle.

I do pilates twice a week, I run up and down stairs, I am walking most days and even if I am out for dinner I am conscious of portion control. Plus I am enjoying the compliments from family and friends at how good I look!

Lite n’ Easy made it so easy and continue to do so for me to lose weight gradually whilst enjoying the variety of meals and convenience. For these reasons, I will continue to utilise Lite n’ Easy particularly during the working week.

Update from Kerry – April 2020

We are going ok during COVID-19 – As a quality systems manager in aged care, with 355 residents across 4 facilities, we are busier than usual and I am relying on my delivery from Lite n’ Easy even more. I am working one week in the office and one week from home – busy keeping our aged care residents safe.

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