Start Weight
78 kilos
Current Weight
59 kilos
Weight Lost
19 kilos
6 months

After seeing a late-night ad for Lite n’ Easy back in April 2021, indicating that they were now delivering to my area, I knew I had finally discovered my weight loss solution. 

I had successfully lost weight with Lite n’ Easy about 20 years ago, so I knew it worked.

This time it was exciting to see they had developed the Jump Start Plus program. From the first week, I loved the quick results Jump Start offered and the App was awesome. It made tracking my food for the day so simple, as well as using the App for my regular weekly weigh in. It was an excellent motivator to watch the line on the graph coming down.

I work in the Resources Sector, so I am away from home most of the week. Remote camp living provided all sorts of temptations with food. There are plenty of healthy options available, however there are plenty of “fun” options to tempt you – especially when you are not in the right frame of mind to choose the best option.

Lite n’ Easy allows me to skip all the temptations.

I find it so convenient bringing my food with me each week and not having to think about my meals each day. The controlled portions are like a reset for my brain – I was clearly eating too much prior to Lite n’ Easy. 

Fast forward 6 months, and I have now lost 19 kilos.

 I feel so much healthier in mind and body, and so much more confident. Prior to Lite n’ Easy I was happy just staying home because I didn’t have many clothes that fit. Choosing clothes now isn’t the chore it once was. I can shop anywhere and everywhere!

I sing the praises of Lite n’ Easy to anyone who asks about my weight loss, it’s wonderful!

*Individual results may vary