Start Weight
173 kilos
Current Weight
80-83 kilos
Weight Lost
90 kilos
2 years

In 2015 I weighed in at 173 kilos, my weight had reached a point where I was prescribed blood pressure medication and I had to use a CPAP machine for severe sleep apnoea. It was so bad I was falling asleep at the wheel and my weight was restricting me from doing the things I wanted to do in life.

I was only 43 years of age and at a point where I had to do something about it.

Lite n’ Easy was suggested by a work colleague. What appealed to me most about the meal plan was that it is real food, nutritionally balanced – not shakes or other diet supplements, so I never felt like. I was on a diet.

I lost 90 kilos in 18 months! I shrunk from a men’s size 56 down to a size 38.

Over the 5 years since I have discovered losing the weight is only a part of the story, maintaining the weight loss is the more important part. Which is why I still use the 1500 Calorie Lite n’ Easy Meal Plan today as this provides me with enough food to eat to keep satisfied while also maintaining my weight effectively.

I still think back to the day I made the decision to try Lite n’ Easy. I had been to my local doctor and he had weighed me at 173 kilos and told me I had to do something. I told him I had been considering Lite n’ Easy and his response was that if I could lose 10- 20 kilos, it would greatly improve my health. Five years later and 90 kilos lighter I have ceased taking blood pressure medication and I no longer need to use the CPAP machine. My sleep apnoea is gone.

I can’t thank Lite n’ Easy enough – you have absolutely saved my life!

Update from Kym – COVID-19

In the current climate, it is more important than ever that I maintain my health and the Lite n’ Easy meals give me the nutrition I need to do that. I work in a train operations control centre, where good health for me and my work colleagues ensures the continued safe operation of train services for the travelling public. Thank you to all the staff for supporting me every day with great tasting food and a delivery I can rely on.

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