Start Weight
67 kilos (157cm)
Current Weight
57 kilos
Weight Lost
10 kilos
5 months

Working a full time job whilst finishing my degree and having two kids along the way, I had let myself go a little. We love good food but cooking was never our passion and being time poor, my husband and I lived mostly on unhealthy takeaways. As a result, my weight skyrocketed from 48 to 68 kilos!  I was always tired and the weight gain had significantly affected my confidence levels.

As I was already struggling with time, I thought I would give Lite n’ Easy a go. And that was the best decision I ever made.

Within 5 months I had lost 10 kilos easily. Lite n’ Easy is perfect! The food seriously tastes delicious and the variety has allowed me to try food I never considered before.  At first I was concerned because I found myself eating more often with Lite n’ Easy. However, to my surprise, eating good quality healthy food more often actually helped me to lose weight and I never felt hungy.

I chose the 5 Day 1200 Calorie Meal Plan to allow myself two controlled ‘treat’ days on weekends and this really worked well for me. I lost 10 kilos easily, just by eating Lite n’ Easy on weekdays and adding 2 light cardio classes a week. The added bonus is there is almost no food preparation and less washing up everyday so I have more free time with my family.

I am now feeling healthier, happier, more energetic and I have gained my confidence back. Being on the Lite n’ Easy program, I also realised we should really treat our bodies with respect and a healthy lifestyle isn’t hard work at all.

*Individual results may vary