Start Weight
60 kilos
Current Weight
54 kilos
Weight Lost
6 kilos
8 weeks

I’m a super busy mum working 40 plus hours a week with 2 kids and all their sports. After putting on a few too many kilos during COVID I needed to do something and I thought, I’ll give Lite n’ Easy a go. I knew I didn’t have a lot of weight to lose, but I’m only short, so five or six kilos is actually a dress size for me.

I jumped online and was recommended the Jump Start program to fast track my weight loss.

In the first week on Jump Start, I couldn’t believe how delicious the food was. Plus, I got on the scales and had lost weight straight away. I consistently lost weight for the next few weeks and that rapid weight loss run at the start was a real motivator to keep going.

Having Lite n’ Easy there for me means it’s just one less thing to get organised every morning. I just open up the fridge, get my meal out and off I go. It feels like having my own personal chef and I get my own choice of meals made for me each day.

There is lots of variety, you get to choose whether you want; a wrap for lunch or a hot meal, or a salad. Recently Lite n’ Easy added a third lunch option which is vegetarian, so that gives you a bit more variety too; especially for those trying to eat less meat.

I lost 6 kilos in just 8 weeks to get back to my normal size!

I am running every morning now with our dog, I have loads more energy and all my clothes fit me again.

I wouldn’t call it a diet. I’d just call it a lifestyle change and Lite n’ Easy gives you all the things you need to succeed. Lite n’ Easy is just my new way of life now and their Jump Start program was a really good way to kick start the journey.

*Individual results may vary