Start Weight
125 kilos
Current Weight
79 kilos
Weight Lost
46 kilos
18 months

I was desperate to lose the excess baby weight after having my son, Isaac. I had a difficult pregnancy which saw me put on 35 kilos, I was feeling very tired and my energy levels were super low. So I decided I needed to make a change.

I had used Lite n’ Easy before and knew it was the only way for me.

I needed something that would take all the guess work out and all I needed to do was eat. That’s how simple I found it. I literally ate what came in my Lite n’ Easy order and within a matter of weeks I was losing the weight and gaining my confidence and energy back. As a busy, single mum who works full time, anything that saves me time is a good thing.

The food from Lite n’ Easy is amazing!

Every week is different and there are always new choices to select on the menu. I do have my favourites though, the bacon and mushroom frittata on English multigrain muffin! I could eat this one every day.

I have lost a staggering 46 kilos on Lite n’ Easy and it has taken me almost 18 months.

The way I feel right now is simply amazing. I feel so much better in my body and more energetic for my son. I have my life back, Isaac is loving it too. Without Lite n’ Easy I truly believe I would not have had these incredible results.

I’m staying with Lite n’ Easy moving forward, it is very convenient, value for money and fits so well into my lifestyle.

*Individual results may vary