Start Weight
105 kilos
Current Weight
75 kilos
Weight Lost
30 kilos
6 months

My story I suppose is like many others. Over the years my weight slowly crept up on me and I didn’t even realise or acknowledge how unfit and unhealthy I had become.

Earlier in life I had always been fit, healthy and only weighed 60 kilos at the age of 30! I always played sport. Now if we go forward 15 – 20 years, I was married with 6 children and worked as a bus driver, not playing any sport at all. I was addicted to sugary drinks and had very bad eating habits.

I developed health ussues including sleep apnoea and when I reached 110 kilos my doctor told me I was obese. I had to have yearly medicals just to keep my bus licence and my doctor told me that if I didn’t use my CPAP machine correctly, I would have my licence taken off me.

The doctor also said that if I didn’t do something about my weight, I may not live much past my early 60’s. That was the pivotal point for me – I wasn’t ready to die.

I needed a complete lifestyle change and decided to give Lite n’ Easy a go. I have to admit I was a little sceptical about it at first, but boy – Lite n’ Easy changed my life.

The kilos started to drop a lot quicker than I expected which gave me a new zest for life.

I started to feel healthier and fitter than I could ever remember. Everyone around me was amazed and kept asking how I was doing it. I would just say Lite n’ Easy!

The food was so fresh, absolutely beautiful and fulfilling.

It is also more than great value for the price. My wife would often comment and say that the food I was eating was better than anything the rest of the family was eating.

My hiking mates whom I couldn’t keep up with before my weight loss, could no longer keep up with me.

Best of all, my health issues are resolved and I’m not on any medications anymore. I don’t have to see any specialists anymore and I no longer have sleep apnoea.

To this day I still order Lite n’ Easy and cannot thank them enough for helping get my life back.

PS: In the coming months me and a couple of my mates are planning a 3-day hike/camp from Cape Jervis to Victor Harbour. I am so looking forward to that and many other adventures.

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