Start Weight
116 kilos
Current Weight
77 kilos
Weight Lost
39 kilos
1 year

I started Lite n’ Easy in February 2018 and reached my goal weight in February 2019. 39 kilos gone and could not have done it without Lite n’ Easy. ​

Previously I had a digestive problem which I no longer take medication for as a direct result of the weight loss.

I also have Multiple Sclerosis which was diagnosed in 1998. I have been very lucky in that I don’t suffer too badly from symptoms apart from in summer in the heat when fatigue hits me quite badly.  I used to hybernate in summer but since losing weight with Lite n’ Easy I have been through one summer already and my fatigue was significantly less so I found I could be much more active.

Now instead of dreading summer I’m am looking forward to it and doing more – as long as Covid allows…

I feel so much healthier and fitter. I can run around after my grandson and also be more active with the children in my care as a childcare educator.​

I love love love Lite n’ Easy and tell everyone who asks how I did it that Lite n’ Easy is the best!​

If my story can help anyone else get on the path to better health, I’m in.

*Individual results may vary