Linzi & John

Start Weight
75 kilos
Current Weight
59 kilos
Weight Lost
16 kilos
16 weeks
Start Weight
97 kilos
Current Weight
78 kilos
Weight Lost
19 kilos
28 weeks

John and I love our Lite n’ Easy.

It helps us achieve a healthy weight and maintain a balanced lifestyle

Plus we have more energy and plenty of extra time for the kids.

After the birth of our first daughter I was 75 kilos and felt unhappy. I used Lite n’ Easy in conjunction with regular walking and was able to return to my pre-birth weight of 60 kilos 9 months later. Then our second daughter came along and this time around, thanks to Lite n’ Easy, I am down to 59 kilos; a kilo lighter than when I started!

John had also been overweight for a long time. Being a surgeon meant he was always on his feet which led to constant back pain. He was also finding it hard to keep up with work, then come home and keep up with our two girls. He was turning 40 and decided it was time to do something about it.

He lost 19 kilos in 7 months and is feeling so much better for it.

We are still ordering the 5 Day Meal Plan now for convenience and have no intentions of giving up our Lite n’ Easy life.

*Individual results may vary