Start Weight
112 kilos (171cm)
Current Weight
88 kilos
Weight Lost
24 kilos
18 months

My wife passed away five years ago and I put on a lot of weight.  At 112 kilos I felt very sluggish and started to experience health problems, in particular my lungs. I was constantly short of breath.

The turning point came when I was at a mate’s funeral and found myself looking around the room afterwards. Everyone was so overweight and so unhealthy looking that I decided then and there to make a change.

It was obvious that I needed to reduce my weight.

I gave away eating between meals, cut back on alcohol and started ordering Lite n’ Easy for dinner.

I chose Lite n’ Easy because it offered a more balanced approach to eating. Plus the food was delicious with great variety.

I shed 24 kilos in 18 months!

I took up Tai Chi which helps with my breathing and keeps me active. I had both knees replaced previously and they are much better now without the extra weight.

I still eat Lite n’ Easy for dinner 5 nights per week to maintain my weight, plus it’s easier than cooking for one!

I feel so much better these days.

*Individual results may vary