Lisa Cox

Author, speaker, disability advocate

Over the years, my husband and I had been using other meal providers for convenience. Plus with my disabilities, daily preparation of quality food is difficult and sometimes impossible. While I had heard of Lite n’ Easy, I had no idea they were an NDIS provider and I also associated them with weight loss, so never bothered to look into it any further. I’ll be the first to admit that I was so wrong!

I could not be more delighted by the quality, range and freshness of Lite n’ Easy meals that arrives at my door each week.

It’s definitely something that was lacking in the past. Maintaining good health with lifestyle choices is something I try to do and knowing that there are nutritious options in my fridge to support my health and wellness goals is something that I’m incredibly happy about, because that definitely wasn’t the case until Lite n’ Easy came into my life.

My particular disabilities are visible and invisible so sometimes food preparation is difficult.

Physically shopping for the ingredients is a marathon (I don’t drive, am in a wheelchair, have a brain injury and am over 25% blind). Then the physical preparation of the ingredients is difficult because I’ve had 9 fingertips amputated and combined with my partial blindness, have cut myself many times trying to cook.

Other times, it’s my chronic fatigue or a chronic pain flare up which prevents me pottering around the kitchen like a MasterChef. In those instances I’ll be in bed heavily medicated. The very next week I may be flying interstate for a presentation, coordinating a marketing strategy in the boardroom and speaking with my team in New York about a client.

I need to keep my body and mind well to stay on top of my busy life, and that’s what Lite n’ Easy does for me.

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