Lisa Mc

Start Weight
73 kilos (163cm)
Current Weight
66 kilos
Weight Lost
7 kilos
8 months

I had been struggling to lose the extra kilos for a while. I avoided photos and dreaded going to the beach with my family. We were both so busy all the time with work and family and we really needed extra help in some way.

I had seen the advertisements for Lite n’ Easy on television and after seeing me battling for a while, my husband encouraged me to try it. We both liked the idea that the meals and calories would be set.

Lite n’ Easy takes all the decision making out of the process of eating well. You can just relax and enjoy eating the delicious meals.

I genuinely love the food. The lunches and dinners are delicious, and because I know I am organised for the day in terms of meals, I can focus on my family and work.

I’ve lost around 7 kilos on the program and while I don’t see a massive difference in my appearance, I feel a lot better physically and emotionally and my waist is coming back. I also feel more comfortable wearing bathers again and am back to enjoying my running.

I can’t speak highly enough about the program and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon. It makes my life so easy – why would I stop? I think Lite n’ Easy is just brilliant.​

*Individual results may vary