Start Weight
147 kilos
Current Weight
79 kilos
Weight Lost
68 kilos
20 months

I started Lite n’ Easy at the heaviest I had ever been, having tried and failed at controlling my diet on my own. I tired easily, lacked confidence, avoided social situations and had little energy left after a day at work.

I was 147 kilos – my blood pressure was very high and I knew I had to change something.

Wherever I went, it was always in the back of my mind – will I have to walk up a hill, will there be chairs without arm rests, will I need an extension to fit the seatbelt on the plane? 

I found the success stories on the Lite n’ Easy website to be inspiring and the food options looked tempting, so I decided to try it.

Beginning with lunches and dinners, 5 days a week, I was able to control my calorie intake whilst developing a better understanding of nutritional value and portion control. Having Lite n’ Easy teach me about healthy eating was the successful formula I needed – taking the guess work out of weight loss and changing my attitude towards food.​

The salads and wraps were amazing and particularly convenient to bring along for lunches on the go. As my weight loss continued, I varied the program to suit my needs. The various menu options ensured there was always a favourite available or something new to try.

I lost 68kg in 20 months, my blood pressure is normal, I have more energy and feel fantastic!

I can be active with the young students I teach, happily meet new people and eagerly try new experiences which I previously would have avoided. I now have so much more energy, feel stronger and able to take on any challenge thrown my way.

Being able to buy the clothes I like and having the confidence to have a go at new experiences has certainly been life changing. 

What a difference from 20 months ago!​

*Individual results may vary