I first started using Lite n’ Easy in 2009. I think I was about 93 kilos, which was a few kilos heavier than what I should have been playing football. Since then, I’ve maintained a comfortable 88 kilos thanks to Lite n’ Easy.

One of the main reasons I’m playing again this season, is because I’m feeling so healthy and a lot of that comes down to eating the right healthy foods, which Lite n’ Easy has obviously been a big contributing factor for.

Lite n’ Easy has been a big part of the mix of things I do to maintain my health as I’ve got older which has allowed me to continue playing another year at the elite level.

As a professional athlete, I’m lucky that I get lot’s of great nutritional advice about the types of food to eat to stay healthy, but at the end of the day it’s still hard to prepare that yourself. That’s why I continue to use Lite n’ Easy. They do everything for me… all I have to do is eat the food.

Eating the right foods in the right portions is the key to long term health and Lite n’ Easy just makes that easy. For me, Lite n’ Easy isn’t just about the immediate health benefits I get now… it’s about ensuring I stay healthy as I get older so I can really enjoy life as my family grows.

The variety of food you get with Lite n’ Easy is unbelievable… there must be over 100 meals to choose from. And there’s always something new on the menu to try like the fresh, chilled dinners range which is awesome.

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