Start Weight
81 kilos (163cm)
Current Weight
64 kilos
Weight Lost
17 kilos
10 months

Before Lite n Easy I enjoyed eating out a few times a week and having people over for meals.  I LOVE food and my life revolved around what I would be eating next, when and where.

Two things happened that made me realise I had to do something about my food intake: I travelled overseas and at the end of each day after 4-6 hours of walking I felt very lethargic. Also it was getting increasingly difficult to get up and down off the floor to play with my 6 beautiful grandchildren.

I had used Lite n’ Easy in the past as well as other diet programs and decided now was the time to do it seriously!

I decided on the 1200 Calorie 5 Day Meal Plan because it allowed me to not feel like I was missing out on some “naughty” food while at the same time still actually doing some cooking, which I love to do.

I started in the New Year of 2018 at a weight of 81kg and my goal was to have a “6” at the beginning of my weight count. I had achieved this by mid-March for my friend’s wedding, weighing in at 68. I was then going on a cruise in May and allowed myself free rein where food and drink was concerned and surprisingly I didn’t go overboard (no pun intended) and after 35 days had only gained 1 kilo!

Since then I have resumed Lite n’ Easy and now weigh in at around 66 kilos and have maintained that since July 2018.

At age 61, Lite n’ Easy is an important part of my life and I’ll continue with it as I have never felt more fit and healthy.

The food is varied and so flavoursome – I have even bought extra meals to serve to friends! I have never felt hungry while on the program and look forward to my “shopping day” each week looking through the latest choices.

It is true…it IS Lite and Easy!

*Individual results may vary