Start Weight
80 kilos
Current Weight
69 kilos
Weight Lost
11 kilos
8 months

Before Lite n’ Easy I travelled a fair bit and wasn’t being consistent with my eating. When I got back from an overseas trip I weighed myself and I had gained 5 kilos! That’s when I knew I needed to make changes.

I am terrible at meal prepping and am not very good at cooking so Lite n’ Easy seemed perfect.

It allowed to me choose the meals I wanted each week and made sure I was eating the correct portions and nutrients while losing the weight. At the same time as I started Lite n’ Easy, I also joined a 12 week boot camp program.

I was able to drop 7 kilos in roughly 3 months, my energy improved a lot and I felt great.

After that initial weight loss I continued with Lite n’ Easy mainly for convenience and was able to lose 4 more kilos over the next couple of months.

Now I still order the lunches and on busy weeks I order the dinners as well. I love being able to just grab my lunch each morning and go to work. I am a primary school teacher, I play volleyball and train at the gym so Lite n’ Easy saves me time with my busy schedule.

*Individual results may vary