Start Weight
157 kilos
Current Weight
86 kilos
Weight Lost
71 kilos
10 months

I had problems with my weight since I was 17 years old. At 24 I was diagnosed with sleep apnoea and high blood pressure which added even more stress to my body, then I gave up smoking and started eating even more. At nearly 160 kilos it got to the point where I couldn’t move, breathe or do normal activities. The final straw was when I tried to book a hot air balloon ride for our wedding anniversary and was refused because I was too overweight.

That was the day everything changed for me. Some friends at the time were on Lite n’ Easy and were happy with the program and encouraged my to try it. Since then I have been with Lite n’ Easy and my life has changed for the better in every possible way.

I weigh 86 kilos now, which is a total weight loss of 71 kilos!

Throughout my journey I have never felt I’m missing out because for the first time, I have been losing weight with a proper balanced lifestyle, not a diet and not by starving myself.

I used to take 6-7 pills per day for hypertension and my doctor has cut this to zero and I don’t need to use my CPAP machine any longer. Now I can move, run, go for a hike, a romantic balloon ride with my wife or do whatever I desire. For the first time in my life walking is not a punishment, it is a blessing.

With the help of Lite n’ Easy, I am now “lighter” than ever and my life has been “easier” in the past 10 months in every aspect. A special thanks to my beautiful wife and family and everyone at Lite n’ Easy who made all this possible and supported me throughout.

*Individual results may vary