Start Weight
93 kilos
Current Weight
85 kilos
Weight Lost
8 kilos
5 months

NDIS customer – Victoria

My name is Maia and l live independently, supported by my family and carers through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Before Lite n’ Easy I tried another meal service, however I found it overpriced and not very convenient.

I also tried to cook meals for myself and often purchased take away. But with my disability, I struggled to cook healthy meals on my own and when I went grocery shopping, I found myself buying unhealthy and unnecessary snacks.

Lite n’ Easy has been great for me now that the NDIS support has made it very affordable.

It is good that there are lots of vegetarian options for lunch and dinner now, as I am a Vegetarian. My favourites are the Tortilla Stack and the pizza.

Now that I have Lite n’ Easy delivered, I am eating less takeaway and instead eating more healthy meals to fuel my body. This has helped me to be more active in my everyday life and it motivates me to keep a positive outlook.

I have lost 8 kilos in 5 months!

The flexibility of Lite n’ Easy has been good too. Initially I was ordering  the 7 Day Meal Plan, but now I enjoy cooking two nights a week and preparing my own breakfast. I can change my meal selections and my plan each week, to suit what I need.

Lite n’ Easy assists me to have a much greater feeling of independence.

I will keep ordering my Lite n’ Easy and exercising every day to maintain my lifestyle change. My energy levels and mental health have been so much better since.

*Individual results may vary