Start Weight
142 kilos
Current Weight
75 kilos
Weight Lost
67 kilos
1 year

Before Lite n’ Easy I spent over 35 years being very overweight. Looking back, I hardly ever smiled. I was just so sad all the time, totally depressed because I didn’t think I could ever lose the weight.

At my heaviest I was 142 kilos!

I had high blood pressure, suffered 5 mini strokes and couldn’t walk without a walker. I had degenerative spine issues and knee problems too. Basically, I didn’t have a life and was so embarrassed by my weight, I hardly left the house.

I ate the most fattening foods, chocolate, lollies and chips because it gave me comfort. Only for a short time though, then I would feel guilty, eat some more, and the cycle would start again.

I had tried other diets and taken diet pills where I would lose a few kilos, but they are no good. I would give up because they were unsustainable and I put all the weight back on, plus more. They don’t work.

A year ago, my son’s partner suggested I try Lite n’ Easy, and I thought, “Why not?”

So, I gave up “dieting” per say and started Lite n’ Easy and that was what made all the difference, that new mindset. I don’t see Lite n’ Easy as a diet, it’s just good food.

At first, I ordered the 1500 Calorie Meal Plan and that was good because I had enough food, plus snacks.

Then I went down to the 1200 Calorie Meal Plan and momentum really picked up. I lost 7 kilos in a month! I love the traditional meals including the roasts and the slow cooked meals. I often find myself having a dinner for lunch and then again at tea time, they are so good and very easy just to keep in the freezer.

I lost 67 kilos in a joint effort with Lite n’ Easy. I have gone from a size 30 down to a 14-16 all in just under a year.

Losing weight has given me the key to a new life and now I can’t stop smiling. I find myself giggling like a schoolgirl and feel like I’m 17 again on the inside, despite my 63 years. Socially, I am going out all the time, I am reconnecting with old friends and I even go dancing.  All of my health issues have improved and now I barely even take a Panadol!

I should mention, all of this was achieved without exercise! Moving forward I think I’ll be on Lite n’ Easy forever! Why would I stop? To maintain my weight, I allow myself up to 1500 calories per day, using the Lite n’ Easy dinners as my base for 1-2 meals per day. Then I add my snacks and meals out with friends.

I cannot thank Lite n’ Easy enough!

Hopefully my success is a testament for older people like me, that it’s never too late to change. Anything is possible!

*Individual results may vary