Start Weight
105 kilos
Current Weight
75 kilos
Weight Lost
30 kilos
3 months

Ever since I can remember I was always the larger kid in school. In later years, I faced a lot of bullying and experiences that made me uncomfortable with my size. This led me to eating comfort food, which didn’t help my situation.

Although I had always had some physical activity in my life, it was becoming difficult to compete with other boys my age in sport as they were growing taller, while I was growing wider.​

After a trip to America I came back the heaviest I had ever been – 106 kilos!

My mum and I decided it was time for a change and chose Lite n’ Easy to help us. I was moving schools so I saw it as a fresh start with new beginnings and endless possibilities.

We had seen the Lite n’ Easy ads on TV and thought “we could do that!”

We ordered the 7 Day Full Meal Plan and within the first week I saw improvement. This gave me confidence and determination to persevere.​ Full well knowing that it wasn’t just healthy eating that needed to change, Mum and I decided to hit the personal training studio a couple of times a week around school and work commitments.  ​

Within a few months I lost 30 kilos and I am now at my target weight of under 80 kilos.

I feel strong, I feel confident, I feel me!​

I have recommended Lite n’ Easy to many of my friends who also thought it was just for adults, but it turns out it’s a healthy meal plan that can cater for anyone and everyone.

Thank you so much.

*Individual results may vary