Start Weight
92 kilos
Current Weight
62 kilos
Weight Lost
30 kilos
7 months

Life before Lite n’ Easy was a constant battle of calorie counting and finding the right balance between good food, variety and portion control. After my second child I found the weight just piled on and I wanted to lose weight not just for myself but for my family.

I joined Lite n’ Easy in January on the new Jump Start program. I’ve always struggled with weight loss and I found that the fasting works. I also loved the variety of food and the fact I have the option to swap and change my meals each week. With two active kids, having Lite n’ Easy definitely made life so much easier with everything all ready to go.

The results in the first two weeks were amazing and that’s what pushed me to keep going.

But then it was constant. I would jump on the scale every week and I’d be cheering on because there was another kilo gone. I started walking just about every day and then started attending a fitness class up to 5 days a week.

I stopped Lite n’ Easy for a break in March, but I struggled to do it myself. So I jumped back onto Lite n’ Easy in May and I honestly love that everything is there ready for me.

I have dropped another 9 kilos since starting back up – so a total of 30 kilos gone now!

Mentally, I was on the verge of post-natal depression, but with a balanced diet and exercise I have really put my mental state on a better path. My energy levels are definitely higher which means I can keep up with the busy demands of being a mum to young children.

My doctor was so inspired by my success that she is doing Jump Start now too!

*Individual results may vary