Start Weight
74 kilos
Current Weight
55 kilos
Weight Lost
4 kilos**
4 weeks**

I ordered Lite n’ Easy for a month to reset my eating habits and I lost 4 kilos in the first 4 weeks!

I had been on Lite n’ Easy before back in Canberra so I knew it worked, I had gotten to 55 kilos then, so I set that as my goal this time too.

Lite n’ Easy really helped to re-train me in terms of healthy portion sizes, menu variety, eating fresh and eating often. The program showed me how to eat. Before that, if left to my own devices, I would eat all my calories in one sitting and often ended up with reflux.

When Covid hit my business took a big hit financially and, unfortunately, I could not continue to order. But following the principles I had learned, Lite n’ Easy kick-started my 19 kilo weight loss and made it easy to do so in only 5 months.

Because of the variety and freshness of the food, people commented in those first few weeks how much I was naturally glowing!

Thank you Lite n’ Easy, I got back the body I had ten years ago, and I couldn’t be happier!

*Individual results may vary

** Please note: Melissa lost 4 kilos in 4 weeks with Lite n’ Easy, then went on to lose a total of 19 kilos following the principles she had learned on the program