Start Weight
118 kilos
Current Weight
71 kilos
Weight Lost
47 kilos
18 months

I had struggled with weight all my life.

At 24 years of age after finishing university, I was a trainee manager at McDonalds and worked my way up to a management role before buying a McDonalds franchise in South Australia. I was the first female McDonalds Franchise Owner in Australia to come up through the management ranks. After I sold the business and retired at 60, I studied to be a writer and wrote a book “From French Fries to Franchise” documenting my career path.

In June 2019 after seeing a back view photo of me at a friend’s wedding I decided to get healthy.

I was on cholesterol tablets and at 61 did not want to go down the medication path. My mother was not well, and I had decided to care for her myself in her last months. I wanted her to see me transform my health before she passed away, so she (and I) could be at peace.

So, I started ordering Lite n’ Easy and then gave up drinking to support my weight loss efforts.

I ordered the Lite n’ Easy 5 Day Meal Plan to allow a couple of days for dining out and social life, which suited me perfectly. Then throughout the Covid lockdowns in Melbourne in 2020, I often ordered the 7 Day Lite n’ Easy Meal Plan because we couldn’t go out and no one had any social life at all.

I lost 47 kilos and was given a wonderful clean bill of health from my GP who had monitored my journey all year.

I was very happy and proud of myself and when I went out for lunch with a group of good friends, one guy walked past me and did not recognise me at all.

This year, in addition to the COVID 2021 lockdown, I received a breast cancer diagnosis. Thank goodness I dealt with that after I had turned my health around a couple of years earlier.  The treatment period was made that much more bearable with Lite n’ Easy meals ready to go after radiation and during recovery. I have no doubt that without the great foundation of health that I have maintained since losing the weight, surviving cancer would have been much more difficult.

I feel brilliant now and I am staying on the Lite n’ Easy program for sustainable good nutrition permanently.

Lite n’ Easy has made this possible in a healthy, straight forward, well priced manner and I could not be happier!

*Individual results may vary