Start Weight
101 kilos
Current Weight
83 kilos
Weight Lost
18 kilos
1 year

In 2014 I had some major surgery and following that I developed atrial fibrillation. This was controlled by medication and I was under supervision of a cardiologist with 6 monthly visits. But I was aware my weight was an issue and that my aerobic capacity wasn’t as good as it should be, especially after heavy physical exercise.

At 101 kilos I had trouble getting into my 60 year old MG sports cars and getting under them to maintain them. I am also an active motorsport hill-climb participant trying to reduce my times – so weight reduction, be it the car or the driver – all helps!

I decided in 2016 to get my weight down.

My wife is a an excellent cook and we tried for a couple of years to lose weight on our own,  but we found it difficult to prepare small meals and ensure variety without significan waste and left-overs. With Lite n’ Easy, portion control is done for you, there is no waste and plenty of variety.

As soon as I started on the program I saw results.

I lost 18 kilos in a year with Lite n’ Easy and have stayed on it because I like the food and convenience. This was 2 years ago now and I’m happy to report I have stayed within a 2 kilo buffer of this original weight loss.

I have not had any atrial fibrillation events since!

No meal ever takes more than 9 minutes to prepare, there is no need to go shopping and there is no waste.

I love 95% of the food. Plus I can fit in to my race car (1957 MGA) a lot more easily and can still celebrate victories with a beer or glass of wine!

I have a lot more energy for physical work also, I am getting out into the garden and staying active through COVID 19. My heart condition has resolved itself and my cardiologist tells me at my now yearly check-ups “Keep on doing what you’re doing, because it works!”

*Individual results may vary