Nicole K

Start Weight
86 kilos
Current Weight
55 kilos
Weight Lost
31 kilos
8 months

I started Lite n’ Easy after having my second child. I was due to be maid of honour in my best friend’s wedding, just 7 weeks after giving birth! I was feeling broken after the birth but having a goal and Lite n’ Easy delivered to my door really helped me both mentally and physically.

My weight dropped every week, and it was a real motivator to keep going.

Convenience was the main reason for choosing Lite n’ Easy. It’s been such a great help not having to cook dinner or organise a healthy lunch, especially in the first couple of weeks after baby was born. Those first few weeks and months are hard and weight loss is always hanging over your shoulder, so it was great to have one solution for two common, post baby issues.

I started with the 7 Day Lunch and Dinner packs and have moved to just lunches now that I’m back at work. Another great convenience, just grabbing my lunch in the morning before work and knowing that it’s healthy.

Price and ease were other main factors in choosing Lite n’ Easy over other weight loss programmes. No contracts, stop and start again without any hassle and an easy to navigate website which makes it easy to choose your programmes and choice of foods.

I have lost 30 plus kilos in just over 7 months.

My mum and her partner joined me on the journey and have lost a combined 50 plus kilos! I had a terrible pregnancy and was not able to get off the couch but now I’m back exercising again, doing calisthenics, Pilates and beach walks.

I am very happy with the results.

*Individual restuls may vary