Start Weight
116 kilos
Current Weight
81 kilos
Weight Lost
35 kilos
40 weeks

Prior to Lite n’ Easy, I thought that my weight was not too bad and that I could still do most things in life without too much difficulty. But life is always so busy and I guess I never put enough thought and time into what I ate. Being a big bread lover, a couple of slices just before bedtime was always a highlight to end a stressful day for me.

Then I discovered Lite n’ Easy and signed up to do the Jump Start program.

It was easy for me as I am always at work and have no time to think about food. With Lite n’ Easy, I just had to eat all the delicious food that was delivered to me – and lose weight! Lite n’ Easy also taught me that I could still enjoy normal food (even bread).

I love the variety of all the different meals you can order and as far as the cost goes, I like to compare it to a chef cooking every day, just for me and delivering it to my front door. How can I put a price tag on that?

At the beginning I made it my goal to lose 20 kilos, but when I got there I just kept going, because I loved the meals and convenience of Lite n’ Easy so much.

I am now 35 kilos lighter after just 10 months on Lite n’ Easy.

Since I have lost all this weight it has made it easier for me to exercise. I now walk 6 – 8km nearly everyday and I feel so much healthier and happier. My blood pressure medication was reduced a few weeks ago and my GP is very pleased with my new lifestyle.

I love sharing my journey and recommend Lite n’ Easy to a lot of my friends.

My daily goal is to be an inspiration to others and to show that, with Lite n’ Easy, you can have a healthier and happier life!

*Individual results may vary