Start Weight
84 kilos
Current Weight
59 kilos
Weight Lost
25 kilos
9 months

In August 2019 I weighed over 84 kilos. I was sick of being obese.

I was due to go to Bali in September for a family holiday so I decided to start losing weight and getting healthy before we left. My husband Dave started ordering to0, so we could make it a joint endeavour, even though weight loss was not an issue for him personally. We enjoyed our holiday then came back and continued with Lite n’ Easy and regular walking.

By Christmas I was 68 kilos! Being back in the normal weight range was one major goal achieved!

In February 2020 we went on another 3 week holiday to Tasmania and (as expected) I gained weight. It was around the 5 kilo mark which was a bit of a shock but I got back onto Lite n’ Easy as soon as I came home and refocused on my continued weight loss.

With such a great tasting Lite n’ Easy menu we were never bored at meal time.

My next goal was to reach 60 kilos before my 60th birthday. Today I am 59 kilos and just revelling in being able to fit into my size 8 jeans that I have held onto for some time in the hope that one day I would fit into them again.  I am still 2 months away from turning 60!

My health has improved so much as well

In May 2019 I had a blood test which showed my high cholesterol to be 7.9 then out of the 6 items tested I was only in the healthy range for 2.

After my second blood test in December 2019 my cholesterol reduced to 4.9 and I was in the health range for 6 out of 6 items! My GP was so impressed with my blood test results and weight loss that he asked if he could use my results to show that help inspire other women of my age (late 50s) that they CAN lose weight and get healthy. I was thrilled.

I will continue with Lite n’ Easy so I can maintain my weight.

David also found that his general health and wellbeing improved due to the healthy diet which was a positive as he has rheumatoid arthritis

We could not be happier with the results!

*Individual results may vary