Lite n’ Easy has made my life so much easier.

I am nearing the ninety year mark, and I think I deserve a break from the kitchen! Still, I am the legal carer for two of my family members who live with me, which means I have to make meals for them.

With Lite n’ Easy being home delivered each week, not having to shop for food for myself and cook my own healthy meals is the biggest bonus every day.

My health sometimes gives me a hard time, so it’s reassuring to know I am still having my necessary vitamins for good health, without any physical effort on my part.

Lite n’ Easy food is not only great to eat, and the meals are very easy to prepare and serve, not to mention no dishes to wash if you just eat them from the tray they come in.

I can only say THANK YOU, Lite n’ Easy!

UPDATE from Patricia – April 2020

Thank you for continuing to prioritise the delivery of my dinners to support my good nutrition at this difficult time during COVID-19. I got my order of 14 dinners last week, no problems. Such a Godsend!

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