Start Weight
94 kilos
Current Weight
52 kilos
Weight Lost
42 kilos
Maintained for 10 years

I have been a Lite n’ Easy customer for over 20 years. However, it was not until ten years ago that I found long term success.

I had a profound realisation that my mindset needed to shift.

Prior to that I had lost and gained weight many times and consequently developed a muscular disorder. At 38 years of age with three children, I came to understand that my efforts were failing because of my short-term mindset, hence the ‘yo-yo’ result and the damage this was doing to my physical self and my confidence. I made the decision to change there and then to change.

I said to myself “today is the day when I completely change the rest of my life”.

I went on to lose 42 kilos in the next 2 years, and since then, I have not ever gained any weight back.

At the beginning, my daily exercise routine required conscious effort to sustain, but as my body settled started to feel alive, lighter, vital and my mood and self-confidence lifted, the way I felt became positive motivation. If you have felt less than healthy and vital for such a long time when you achieve this level of wellness, you naturally want to keep it – it became addictive.

With the continued help of Lite n’ Easy, good long-term habits were created, and they are now part of my life without the need for constant discipline.

I am now 48 years old and a size 8, the size I had a vision to be and the size I was when I married my husband 26 years ago.

I am living proof that you can achieve your ideal version of yourself if you make the right choices and at an age where so many women use menopause as a reason not to change. I have a balance in my life that includes Lite n’ Easy daily and a little room to enjoy the odd treat – for me it really is the perfect solution.

It is a great feeling!

*Individual results may vary