Peter L

NDIS customer

I started using Lite n’ Easy about a year ago. I have a few medical conditions, the triumvirate I call it, of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Psoriatic Arthritis and Psoriasis. All three are inflammatory and are conditions that affect movement, soft tissues in the body and skin. Before Lite n’ Easy my meals were ad hoc and not very healthy.

Lite n’ Easy has brought back structure and variety to my diet

I am enjoying healthy choices with grains and fruit and proteins and vegetables in calorie controlled amounts. I look forward to my Lite n’ Easy – it has bought joy back into eating!

My overall wellbeing also has improved since starting Lite n’ Easy.

I have lost some weight which has increased my ease of movement, and I have an overall feeling of “being better” than before.

I am so glad that I am on this program, with the meals so well packaged and provided, it takes literally minutes to prepare.

Lite n’ Easy gives me more time for other things that help me such as exercise, gym work, swimming and socialising which helps my mental connections with other people, a most important part of the human condition.

I’ve also stopped using supplements as I found my digestive system was back on track with regular healthy eating, so my body is better off as well as my wallet.

My wife Sue is happier now that her domestic load has eased, so we are able to enjoy more quality time together.

I originally ordered Lite n’ Easy for convenience and have experienced surprising health improvements in my condition – that’s the real bonus!

*Individual results may vary