Start Weight
97 kilos
Current Weight
62 kilos
Weight Lost
35 kilos
14 months

After 12 years of marriage my husband and I separated. I was lost, and this created an emotional eating pattern which led to massive weight gain.

I fell into a very dark depression for the next 2-3 years where my weight crept up to 97 kilos.

I started feeling a little better with the right medication and a job that I enjoyed, but I knew it was up to me to change my relationship with food, so that I could regain my physical health. Losing weight was a key factor in achieving this.

I found it overwhelmingly difficult to lose weight on my own. My aunt lost 25 kilos on Lite n’ Easy, so after a few false starts with other weight loss companies, I decided to give it a try. I started on the 1200 Meal Plan. After all, if my aunt could do it, surely, I could too.

What a breakthrough! I initially lost 15 kilos and felt so much better.

As I progressed I was receiving compliments and my confidence grew, my daily determination was strengthened, and my mental health was improving too.  I discovered a love of reading and as my body got healthier it had positive impacts on my entire outlook on life.

I have now lost 35 kilos and Lite n’ Easy is an important part of my healthy weight maintenance.

The program is in my ‘toolbox’, and I can order anytime I need a tune up!

I was delighted when my mother got engaged recently and started ordering Lite n’ Easy, and my kids were equally pleased when their after school lady witnessed my transformation and also started. It is a great feeling to inspire people around me to take action and believe they can achieve their own health and weight loss goals.

With my renewed confidence and good health, I am now in the process of starting my own housekeeping business. Other positives are shopping for the fashion brands I love, instead of the size 18-20 fashions. Now, one of my favourite things to do is curl up on the couch with a good book and cup of tea in my new glam PJ’s.

The Lite n’ Easy approach is exactly what I needed. It really is EASY!

Now Lite n’ Easy is my go to, for sure.

*Individual results may vary