Start Weight
83 kilos
Current Weight
71 kilos
Weight Lost
12 kilos
18 weeks

My weight before Lite n’ Easy was fluctuating as I’d always been a yoyo dieter. As a teenager, I was obese and weighed over 110 kilos at 14 years of age, which greatly affected my way of living. In my late teens and early twenties, I decided to change my habits and lost over half my body weight. I was able to maintain this for years with healthy eating and lifestyle changes, including the going to the gym and exercise.

After having 2 children, my weight fluctuated a little higher than I would have liked. As well as being a mother, I also work part-time and found it hard to fit in meal prep and exercise.

Lite n’ Easy was recommended by a friend who had been on it for a few years. I thought the Lunch and Dinner meal plan would suit me for weight loss and convenience. I averaged a weight loss of 1 kilo a week following this plan while making my own healthy breakfast.

I am loving the food and am surprised at the varied options available on the menu. It’s delicious, and the portion sizes are just right. It never feels like I am dieting, and I’m never hungry. I especially like that there are some little sweet treats included.

I find it super easy to grab my meals from the fridge in the morning before I head out the door for my busy days. My favourite dinner is the Beef Korma, and my favourite lunches are the wraps. I want to continue on Lite n’ Easy for the next few months, not purely for weight loss but now more for the convenience.

*Individual results may vary