Start Weight
71 kilos
Current Weight
63 kilos
Weight Lost
8 kilos
5 months

Before Lite n’ Easy I always felt tired, had brain fog and lack of energy. I’m not a fan of cooking so it was quick meals which were high in calories and not very healthy.

After my engagement party in October 2018 and seeing a photo of myself, I knew I had to do something. I was having constant negative thoughts towards my weight and decided to give Lite n’ Easy a go, choosing the 1200 Meal Plan.

Within the first few weeks the kilos were falling off!

The food is so tasty it never felt like a diet. My physical activity level has changed drastically and I enjoy going to the gym to work out. I’m a busy beauty therapist travelling to multiple locations so having delicious food prepared for me that I look forward to eating is the key to success.

I lost 8 kilos in 5 months and still enjoy a cheat meal once a week.

I’m fitting back into my old clothes and enjoying buying new fitted clothes. My fiancé also has the dinners and mini meals for lunch and he’s lost 10 kilos.

We are both much happier and healthier.

I owe all my success to Lite n’ Easy and I’m so grateful to have access to this amazing food which is really affordable. I will definitely continue ordering.

*Individual results may vary