Rhiannan Iffland

Professional Cliff Diver & Lite n’ Easy Ambassador

I am a professional athlete with a very busy training and competition schedule, so I chose Lite n’ Easy for the convenience and nutritional value. What drew me in was the variety of meals to choose from. I had tried Hello Fresh prior, but I found with limited time to cook and not being great in the kitchen, Lite n’ Easy is the perfect fit.

I am ordering the 7 Day Lunch and Dinner menu and I will sometimes add breakfast into the mix, but for the moment I’m extremely happy with my weekly plan.

The food is GREAT with plenty of high-protein options across lunch and dinner.

I specifically like the convenience of healthy ready-made meals which cover my daily calorie and macro intake and nutritional requirements. Lite n’ Easy pasta dishes are always a favourite, Parmesan Crusted Fish and lunchtime salads and pizzas as well.

With the weeks packed with training sessions and other commitments, the convenience of the meals is the main reason I choose Lite n’ Easy. I really appreciate the fact I don’t need to worry about food prep, cooking and planning weekly nutritious meals, especially with early starts and late evenings in the pool.

I am heading overseas for the Red Bull cliff diving competition circuit as of July, so I am looking forward to loading up with some of the new Lite n’ Easy High Protein menu preferences too before I go. It is good to know these meals are available to support my training and recovery, as I strive to reach my peak physical condition.

How Lite n’ Easy can help?

High Protein is one of our NEW menu preference options. To support an active lifestyle, protein should be consumed regularly throughout the day to help replenish your muscles and ensure you get the most out of your workouts. Our dietitians have selected meals for each day that prioritise protein. The full meal plan is nutritionally balanced, providing more than 90g of protein per day from whole food sources while still ensuring you get at least 5 serves of veggies each day and 2 serves of fruit.

Join thousands of Australians who are living more active, healthier lives with Lite n’ Easy. *Individual results may vary.