Start Weight
65 kilos
Current Weight
53 kilos
Weight Lost
12 kilos
6 months

I started my weight loss journey in May 2018 after being told that I was going to need knee surgery in the future. I had so much fluid around my knees that I couldn’t kneel. I needed pain management and at the end of the day I couldn’t bend my knees and walked like a very old lady. I was tired all the time and had no energy.

My doctor told me I needed to lose 12 kilos to return to a healthy weight for my short stature. This alone would relieve the pressure on my knees. Well – he wasn’t wrong.​

A friend suggested Lite n’ Easy and I have achieved a steady weight loss of around 1/2 a kilo each week and noticed improvement quickly.

I also started Aqua Aerobics 2-3 times a week and have met a lovely group of ladies that I look forward to seeing. Aqua was the best form of exercise as it is less weight bearing. Beforehand my exercise level was zero as I was worried my knees would become more painful.​

I lost 12 kilos in the next 6 months! I never imagined that when I started Lite n’ Easy that I would lose this much weight, regain my confidence and feel so good.​

Lite n’ Easy has taught me how to eat properly again. I’m enjoying all the meals and I love the variety. I love the convenience of having all my food for the week available on hand and the meals are super easy to prepare. Lunch is easy to take to work as are the snacks too.​

I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time.

I can walk down stairs without holding on or walking slowly 1 step at a time, I’m not on any pain management as I don’t need any and my knees don’t seize at the end of the day.​

Since losing the weight I feel amazing inside and out, I’m now more confident and I’m energised to enjoy life to its fullest.​

*Individual results may vary