Rob B

Start Weight
110 kilos
Current Weight
80 kilos
Weight Lost
30 kilos
28 weeks

NDIS customer

In a previous life I was a successful fashion photographer and guitarist, then the wheels fell off. Spinal problems, chronic pain and consequently severe depression and insomnia lasted for a year.

I ended up at 110 kilos and was in a downward spiral towards an early grave.

To survive I had to go on a disability pension. I was addicted to pain killers and spent almost 6 months in bed, barely getting up at all. When I did, I was so weak that I could barely support my body. This led to me living on junk food and sweets, I just could not stomach healthy food and exercise was near impossible.

I woke up one day, I don’t know where I got the strength, but I slowly started to turn my life around.

Fast forward to today and I have regained a great portion of my health.

With the help of Lite n’ Easy I have lost 30 kilos and I am rebuilding a new life; a life which is evolving to be one with many more ‘riches’ than before.

I live on Lite n’ Easy’s 7 Day Meal Plan and reap all the benefits of great tasting food and quality nutrition.  It is part of a sustainable lifestyle change which will support me in achieving the best possible health outcomes.

I still have pain issues, but my life has improved greatly.

I have found the joy in helping others who suffer disabling pain and discovered a community of friends who are authentic and grounded.

I have reached my ideal weight but I intend to stay on Lite n’ Easy for maintenance for the foreseeable future.

I am positive that Lite n’ Easy has played a big part in saving my life.

*Individual results may vary