Start Weight
96 kilos
Current Weight
80 kilos
Weight Lost
16 kilos
8 months

I first started ordering Lite n’ Easy following an operation in October 2016. I was unable to do any cardiovascular exercise and I also started overeating and drinking lots of wine. I put on a bit of weight and found it was harder to tie up my shoelaces due to my stomach size.

The trigger to do something positive was the surprising increase in my blood pressure, as I hold a pilot’s licence and fly my own aircraft, and certainly did not want to lose that privilege. My daughter was very concerned about my health, and it was she who ordered my first week of Lite n’ Easy meals.

We chose Lite n’ Easy because the success stories seemed genuine and the food looks very healthy.

I started on the 1500 calories per day, then cut down to 1200 calories for a period and did not feel hungry. I cut out a lot of wine, don’t drink beer, but make a dry martini prior to the evening meal.

I have found all the Lite n’ Easy meals to be tasty and varied. 

The fruit is always fresh and of top quality. The measured quantities make it very easy not to overeat, as I was doing before.

I lost 16 kilos and 10 cms off my waist!

I have been able to get back into my exercise again, which is great. I had always been a runner, and I have loved getting back out there again, walking, a bit of running and fishing.

The old adage of weight control is “20% exercise and 80% food intake” is very true. I made one basic change to my diet and the kilos started falling straight away.

*Individual results may vary

Update from Rob & Margaret – May 2020

We had to take a break from our deliveries last year as I had lymphoma and was in hospital for treatment for extended periods. Luckily I am in remission now, and we are back ordering our Lite n’ Easy and loving it more than ever. It’s a lifesaver for us to have our food delivered during these challenging times. I put on a bit of weight during treatment, so that is still a work in progress. More importantly now is the convenience. We are both over 70 and my immunity is compromised because of all the chemotherapy, so I need to look after myself as much as possible. It’s one thing we don’t have to worry about.