In December 2014 I needed a hip replacement. As I live in rural NSW, I decided to get Lite n’ Easy to not put my friends and family through the trouble of shopping, cooking and of course cleaning up for me!

I found Lite n’ Easy so convenient I decided to keep getting it after surgery.

Now, over five years later I still get my weekly delivery. Cooking always came after my other interests: gardening; dog training; socialising; going away in my motor home etc, so now I have more time for all of these activities.

In terms of saving time, my claim to fame is coming in from the garden at 6.50pm one night, putting a Lite n’ Easy in the microwave, jumping in the shower and being in front of the TV with dinner on my lap watching the ABC news by 7pm! Oh and by the way, I even bought a larger freezer for my motor home so I could take plenty of Lite n’ Easy with me when I go away.

No shopping! No cooking! No washing up!

When I cooked for myself, I’d make 4 or 6 serves of one meal and put them in the freezer so I was always eating the same 2 or 3 dishes. Lunch was invariably a sandwich (same old fillings) and a piece of fruit. The variety in Lite n’ Easy lunches and snacks is amazing! And I believe my Lite n’ Easy meals are far more nutritious.

I also believe Lite n’ Easy is far more economical than cooking for myself.

The amount I pay each week for Lite n’ Easy is much less than the amount I used to spend in the supermarket and there is no wasted food.  What’s more, I’m not exposed to impulse buying which I’ve estimated to be an extra 25% on my shopping bill each week.

And guess what? While it wasn’t one of my aims, I lost 3 or 4 kilos and went down a dress size! I looked fantastic at my 70th Birthday celebrations a couple of years ago.

*Individual results may vary