Start Weight
119 kilos (170cm tall)
Current Weight
68 kilos
Weight Lost
51 kilos
Ongoing for maintenance

In August 2008 I had a medical checkup at work and was advised I had very high blood pressure and needed medication immediately. My weight was 119 kilos. My doctor suggested I lose weight and begin some light exercise in order to bring my blood pressure down and prevent further weight related complications down the track. I was only 57 years old at the time.

My daughter had recently started Lite n’ Easy so she took me to her personal trainer who advised a diet of 1800 calories a day would be suitable for me.

I could see Lite n’ Easy would be the easiest and best way to control my calorie intake

I started on the 5 day 1800 calorie Meal Plan straight away. After only a couple of weeks I found this was too much food for me and changed to the 1500 calorie Meal Plan and have been on that to this day – some twelve years later!

I lost 25 kilos in the first year and smaller but still significant amounts in the following years. The doctor said I should aim to lose the weight gradually over a long period which would assist in changing my eating habits and keeping it off for good.

I now weigh 68 kilos, a total loss of 51 kilos! My original goal was 70, so I have well surpassed that and maintained it easily with Lite n’ Easy and some exercise. I do a 5 km power walk a few days a week combined with some light hand weight exercises of a morning. I am fit and healthy. I can walk up hills and steps and play golf without getting puffed.

I firmly believe I would not have reached this weight if I had not found Lite n’ Easy.

I am still ordering now for maintaining my weight and because I like the meals.

After about 6 months my blood pressure was almost back to normal and for the last 12 years has always been normal. I credit this all to Lite n’ Easy and the exercise.

*Individual results may vary