Start Weight
60 kilos
Current Weight
54 kilos
Weight Lost
6 kilos
10 weeks

I have used Lite n’ Easy before and found it amazingly successful! More recently I had a shoulder injury and I couldn’t exercise for about 8 months. I also started eating too much.

Every day I would say to myself, ‘today is the day that I will start to reduce my eating. My breakfast would be good but by the end of the day I was eating chocolate again! I couldn’t fit into many of my clothes and what I did wear was uncomfortable. Every day I felt like I had a dark cloud over my head.

So, I decided to use Lite n’ Easy again and I totally committed to it!  I cleaned out my fridge and had a dedicated shelf for my Lite n’ Easy food. I stacked it all in day order.

From the first day the food arrived my spirits lifted.

I started at the gym and had a bio-scan. It showed how much body fat I had – too much! When I had the second scan, the gym consultant couldn’t believe the progress that I had made in four weeks. My bio age had dropped 3 years.

My body responded by feeling fitter and stronger. Walking on the treadmill soon turned to a jog and then eventually running. I changed other things too. I stopped meeting my girlfriends for breakfast and I met them for coffee and a walk instead. I still went out for drinks but while I wanted to lose weight, I drank sparkling mineral water with fresh lemon and lime slices. I didn’t feel that I was missing out.

When I plateaued, I read the Lite n’ Easy advice and tried swapping my dinners and lunches around for a few days. I also changed my exercise slightly. I regularly read the success stories. Every story inspired me to keep going and I felt happy for everyone who had experienced success. I decided to share my story too.

Lite n’ Easy is so easy.

All you need to do is find your recommended meal plan on the website and make your first order. Lite n’ Easy does the rest.

The food is just perfect and delicious! My husband was so impressed he has used it too, with great results.

I want to thank everyone at Lite n’ Easy, from the dietitians to those who prepare and pack my food each week. I didn’t do it on my own, I had the Lite n’ Easy team supporting me!

*Individual results may vary